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We proudly support programs and agencies that deliver help in the fields of social service, social welfare, K-12 education, and healthcare. Serving the Greater Suncoast area including: Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte and DeSoto Counties.

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Eligibility Summary

The following rules and limitations regarding participation in the matching program are not intended to discourage donors from participating in the matching program. In a program involving thousands of donors and hundreds of agencies, there are bound to be questions about how the program works; and sadly, there will always be a small number of people and agencies who intentionally attempt to abuse the program.

Terms and Conditions

The Flanzer Matching Donation Program (“Program”) was implemented by the Louis and Gloria Flanzer Philanthropic Trust (“the Flanzer Trust”) to encourage donations to charities who provide direct services to the public in Sarasota, Manatee, DeSoto and Northern Charlotte Counties. The primary goal is to broaden the base of donors by encouraging NEW contributions. Participation in the Flanzer Matching Donation Program by a non-profit organization and/or a tax-exempt organization (“Agency”) is subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

Eligible Agencies

The participating Agency must be a non-profit and/or tax-exempt organization that:

A. Is in social service, social welfare, K-12 education, and healthcare with education as the primary function.

B. Delivers direct services to the public.

C. Supports the communities located only in Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte or Desoto County and which have no material activities beyond those counties. Notwithstanding the aforesaid, the Trust reserves the right to make exceptions without creating any rights for any other agencies.

D. Has and provides a valid IRS letter of determination and active Florida solicitation registration.

E. Does not include any officers, directors or other principals and control people who have a criminal record.

F. Provides semi-annual written reports as to the following:

    1. How the matching funds have been used and enhanced its program activities.
    2. How many new donors they have received through the Flanzer Trust match program since their last report and how they are using Flanzer to obtain new donors.
    3. These reports are due on or before March 31 (for July-Dec. of previous year) and September 30 (for Jan.-June) of each year.
      • A 30 day extension can be requested.
      • Agencies that do not provide the written reports timely shall be given thirty (30) days written notice to comply and failure to comply shall result in the agency’s suspension from program participation until the report is received.

G. Provides a copy of its annual IRS filing within ninety (90) days of the filing and, if the Agency files form 990-N, a financial statement.

H. The Trustees of the Flanzer Trust (“Trustees”) reserve the right to waive any of the above conditions for particular Agencies, including those in which Louis and Gloria Flanzer had a particular interest. The waiver of eligibility requirements for one or more Agencies does not give rise to any rights to other similarly situated Agencies or other Agencies not satisfying the eligibility requirements.

Ineligible Agencies

The following Agencies are not eligible to participate in the Program:

A. Agencies whose activities include funding other agencies.

B. Agencies who provide educational activities that are not their primary activity.

C. Agencies who are engaged in religious outreach or similar activities or whose controlling officers, directors and the like are members of the clergy.

D. Agencies that engage in controversial issues, determined in the sole discretion of the Trustees.

E. Faith – based Agencies.

F. Agencies in Entertainment and the Arts.

Only contributions directly received from a donor by the Flanzer Trust are eligible for matching. All matching contributions must come directly from individual donors, their donor advised funds, or their personal foundations. Agencies or others may not “bundle” contributions. Checks collected from individual donees by an Agency or by others and submitted indirectly will NOT be matched and will be returned to the “donee”. Bundling will be a violation of our terms and conditions that will result in the permanent exclusion of the Agency and bundler from the matching program. Contributions must be in the form of check, credit card, or online donation through PayPal. Contributions may NOT be made by faith-based organizations or houses of worship, regardless of their form of organization, Ineligible donations shall be returned to the donor less a 10% handling fee.

All Agency’s personnel who donate to the Agency shall donate to the Flanzer Trust with their personal check or credit card information and online donations must be processed using the personnel’s individual email address and not that of the Agency. No Agency or their personnel shall submit a donation on behalf of another person.

The amount eligible for matching from donors is limited to $500 per month per Agency, per household, with an annual maximum of $3,000 per each charity. Any amount received that is ineligible for matching, in whole or in part, will be forwarded to the Agency without a match. Receipt of a tax letter acknowledging the contribution received by the Trust and directed to be sent to an agency does not create any rights on behalf of the donor should the Trustees determine that the Agency is suspended or no longer eligible to participate in the Matching Program. In the case that the donation is not eligible for matching as a result of such circumstances, the donation will be forwarded to the Agency without match consistent with the Guidelines set forth herein.

Upon receipt of matched donations, the Agency will promptly notify the donor in writing that their donation was received by the Agency.

The Flanzer Trust reserves the right to place annual limits of the amount matched for any or all Agencies at any time.

The following are not eligible to receive funds through the Flanzer Matching Donation Program and shall not be submitted to the Flanzer Trust.

A. Golf Outings.

B. Galas, dinners and similar events.

C. Raffles, lotteries, auctions and similar events.

D. Donations given in exchange for services or merchandise in whole or in part.

E. All paddle raises if goods or services are given in exchange for the donation. Paddle raises which involve no goods or services given in exchange for the donation may be eligible for a match in the discretion of Trustees but only if the paddle raise has been pre-approved by Trustees. Paddle raises that are not pre-approved shall not be eligible for matching. The Trust reserves the right to make exceptions, without creating any rights for any other agency.

F. Cash Receipts or donations made to the Agency.

G. Money Orders, cashier’s checks, bank checks and similar instruments.

H. Anonymous donations through donor advised funds or otherwise will not be accepted in the matching program. They will be returned to the donor advised fund or the donor. If the donor cannot be identified, the contribution will be forwarded without match to the specified agency, after withholding the costs of processing.

I. Agencies shall NOT promote or instruct donors to make capital campaign contributions through the Flanzer Trust.

J. Corporate, multi member LLCs, LLPs and similar entity donations are not eligible and will be returned to the donor or, in some instances, passed through to the Agency with no match.

Agencies that receive cash donations shall not submit such cash or a check representing the cash. Agencies and their personnel who directly or indirectly use Agency funds to seek matching funds shall be permanently barred from participating in the Flanzer Matching Donation Program. Straw Donors are strictly prohibited. Donors who seek to avoid the donation limitation amount by providing cash to others to donate will be excluded from further participation in the Program as will their straw donors. This includes their employees, board members, and family members. Agencies who been found to have used straw donors or who are aware of straw donors being used will be excluded from participating in the Program. Agencies whose check(s) has been the subject of check fraud shall be suspended from the Program until the Trustees are satisfied that appropriate steps have been taken to prevent recurrences and that appropriate action has been taken with respect to those committing the fraud. Where senior management has been found to have been involved in the fraud, the Agency will be permanently barred from participation in the Program. Any misconduct as determined by the Trustees in connection with the Program will result in ineligibility.

A. Partners removed from eligibility may appeal their ineligibility in writing, explaining the basis for reinstatement and what steps have been taken to prevent future misconduct.Reinstatement will be predicated upon a consent for the Flanzer Trust to audit or otherwise confirm compliance with the rules and conditions as the Flanzer Trust deems necessary.

B. During any ineligibility period any contributions that are received by the Flanzer Trust will be deposited and a check will be forwarded to the ineligible Agency without a match, net of any processing fees. It is the obligation of the Agency to inform their donors that they are not eligible for the matching program. The continued existence of the organization in the dropdown of eligible agencies or confirmation letters does not absolve the Agency of notice and does not create any rights for matching or exemption of the handling charge.

Any Agency who has violated any of these terms or conditions, or who is subsequently determined to be ineligible to participate in the Program shall refund to the Trust all matching funds received from the Trust as a result of the Prohibited Activities and all matching funds received from the Trust during any period of ineligibility. Any Agency who has represented that it qualifies as an Eligible Agency but who is later determined not to have met the qualification criterion at the time it was admitted to the Program shall refund all matching funds received from the Trust while it was participating in the Program. All refunds shall be paid within 45 days from the date of written demand by the Trustees. Acceptance into the Program and determination of eligibility is not a waiver to any subsequent determination or finding of ineligibility. Compliance with the rules and guidelines of participation is the responsibility of the Agency. They know whether they qualify and if there are questions as to qualification, they should make full disclosures of their concerns and get a written approval from the Trust. The Agency has the knowledge as to its qualification and if there are questions as to qualification, the Agency should make full disclosures of their concerns and get written approval from the Trust. Failure to make full disclosures will be an admission of non-compliance entitling the Trust to the refunds described above.
The Flanzer Matching Donation Program is discretionary and subject to change or termination at any time by the Trustees. The Louis and Gloria Flanzer Philanthropic Trust reserves the right to deny an Agency participation in the Program at the sole and exclusive discretion of the Trustees whether or not they meet the guidelines of participation. These Terms and Conditions are not intended to create or constitute a contract between the Louis and Gloria Flanzer Philanthropic Trust and any Agency.

If you meet these qualifications, please send your nonprofit and tax exempt certificate to [email protected] with your request for participation.